When can I withdraw my money?

If you would like to withdraw your prize money, you can request to do so at any time. Go the banking section on your account page or click on the "Banking" tab in the games' lobby. When you have clicked on the 'banking' tab the cashier box will open. Check the amount you wish to withdraw is correct then press "withdrawal". Your payment request will be processed after 48 hours.

See detailed information on how much time it takes to process each payment method:

Payment method Withdrawal process time Withdrawal completion time Total Payment Source On Statement
Credit/Debit Card 48 hours 5 days 4-7 days Vglobal dsl
MasterCard (UK only) 48 hours 2-3 days 3-5 days Vglobal dsl
Cheque 48-72 hours UK Only - up to 6 days, ROW - 10-15 days, Europe 7-10 Days UK- 5-8 days, ROW - up to 21 days, Europe up to 15 days Cheque issued by Northern Bank
Neteller 48 hours 2-3 days 4-5 days Vglobal dsl
Wire Transfer 48 hours 4-7 days 7-10 days Vglobal dsl
Paypal 48 hours 2-3 days 4-5 days Vglobal dsl

All timeframes are calculated based on business days (Monday through Friday).

Can I have more than one account?

No, only one account permitted per player and if discovered, we reserve the right to close multiple accounts opened by a single player.

I am unable to load any of your games. When I click on Play Now nothing happens. What do I do?

The reason that games don't load is possibly because you do not allow pop up blockers on your internet browser. We recommend that you turn off any pop up blockers you currently allow.

I want my friends to join in the fun. How can I get them invloved?

We have a very friendly Refer A Friend scheme which means for every friend that registers because of you, we will give you a free £10! They will have to deposit and play £5 themselves before you get your money though.

I want to know about more of your fantastic offers. Where and how can I receive them?

We love to send our players regular email newsletters that explain new games, promotions and jackpots. To tick the box that enables (and disables) email correspondence go to Edit Profile and tick the box at the bottom titled receive Email News.

I've forgotten my login details! What do I do?

Don't worry, simply press here and follow the instructions. We will send a letter to the email address you gave us on registration which will remind you of your login details.

How do I really know that the games I play aren't fixed?

You need to trust that we use the best gaming software in the industry (Random Number Generator 'RNG') to ensure that truly random outcomes are produced on all our games.

I have won some money but it hasn't appeared in my bank account yet, why not?

Be patient, it takes 48 hours to process winnings.

What is 90 Ball bingo?

90 Ball bingo is great fun and really popular on Bingo Giving. The on screen bingo card has three horizontal rows and nine columns with each line containing 5 numbers for a total of 15 numbers total. Auto-daubing (automatic daubing of winning balls) is part of the game so it leaves you free to explore other games whilst a 90 Ball bingo game is taking place.

Do I have to download any software?

Bingo Giving believe in making life as simple as possible so all that players require to use the software is a flash player 8.0 or above to participate in all the exciting Bingo Giving games.

I have a Mac, can I still play at Bingo Giving?

Bingo Giving is great software and will play equally as well on a PC or a Mac, there really shouldn't be much difference to the bingo playing experience. Luckily you don't need a really top spec computer system either so don't worry if your system is a few years old because you can still enjoy all that Bingo Giving has to offer. If you are on a dial up internet connection though you might encounter a few problems so broadband would be the preferred method to play at the Bingo Giving site.

Do I have to buy the cards displayed in the bingo room?

No of course not, you are free to use the 'get new cards' option or to scroll through the available cards and purchase any that you choose. Alternatively players can opt for the 'auto select cards' which gives the choice of purchasing 6, 12, 18, 24 or max (maximum amount of cards allowed for the game). Then players simply hit the 'Buy Selected cards' option and hey presto you are ready for the next exciting Bingo Giving game to start.

Can I keep the same bingo cards for each game I play?

We are so sorry it isn't possible to retain a whole set of favourite bingo numbers. Each Bingo Giving game is randomly generated with new tickets issued each time a new game is about to play, this helps to keep things fair for all our lovely players.

I have purchased my cards, but my internet connection has just dropped out, have I wasted my cash?

That is sooooo annoying when you lose your internet connection, but there is no need to stress when you play at Bingo Giving as the game is not reliant on players being in the bingo room. The game outcome is generated at our servers so there is no difference to the end result of the game, if you win then you will be able to verify this by checking your recent transactions on the My Account section. Certainly you won't have wasted your cash, although you might be a little disappointed that you missed the game and any goings on in the chat room!

I am concerned about registering my card details, is it safe to register my card details at your site?

The Bingo Giving team are also concerned that our players personal details are entirely safe, which is why we have ensured that we have the latest technology to protect all sensitive information. The Bingo Giving site uses sophisticated SSL Protocol with 128 − bit encryption, this might seem a bit of a mouthful but believe us this will make your details super safe and impossible for outsiders to gain access to.

Ooh, I am so excited I have just won, how do I get my paws on my bingo winnings?

First of all congrats from all the team at Bingo Giving on your lucky win, we love it when the Bingo Giving gang have a win. To cash out just visit the banking section of the Bingo Giving site and request the amount that you wish to have credited back to your card. As long as all your wagering requirements have been met see our Terms & Conditions for details then we will process your request usually within 48 hours. Sometimes on a big win we might ask you to supply evidence of your identity, this is purely a safety measure to protect our players accounts.

I have a problem and I need help what do I do now?

Well as long as it isn't advice on your personal life (LOL) then the Bingo Giving team are here to help with any problems you might have. Please visit the contact us section where you will find full details on how you can get in touch with the customer service team at Bingo Giving. Sometimes it isn't possible to get back to you immediately during busy times, therefore please expect to have a response within 24 hours.

I have made a deposit but my balance hasn't changed, where has my cash gone?

Your cash is completely safe. It might be that you need to refresh the page. If you still have a problem then try logging out and then back in again, if this still doesn't resolve the issue then contact us and we will give you a bit more help.

How do I know the bingo games are fair?

To assure the integrity of our games, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is always used to ensure consistently random results. Whether it's the bingo ball selection, a roll of a dice, a hand of cards, or a spin of the wheel, in each event a Random Number Generator (RNG) is utilized to ensure that the outcome is truly random. The system has been rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining their results. The system is also systematically tested by BingoGiving.

About Bingo Giving

Bingo Giving is the bingo site for players who love online bingo and slots but also hold a place in their heart for the UK charities doing great work every day. We're run on the famous Dragonfish software so you can expect the highest quality of games available at our site. will donate money to charity on every single jackpot. But don't worry lol, this won't out of your winnings. We'll cover the cost completely! And at the end of the month we'll announce how much and who we have donated to. So when you play at Bingo Giving it really is win, win &minusl; you win cash for yourself and every time you play you win money for charity.

When you sign up at BingoGiving you'll get 48 hours of bingo completely free and the chance to win real cash prizes. You can use this opportunity to get a feel for the site and try out our huge variety of fun games. You'll also be greeted with a whopping 200% deposit bingo bonus. And there's more, once you've made your first ten pounds deposit, you'll get a free spin on the Giving Wheel. You can win an extra bonus between £10 and a whopping £2,500 guaranteed! In total you'll have a minimum of forty quid to play bingo with, including the £10 GTD minimum from Spin The Wheel! We think generous players should be met with generous offers!

Creating a strong community is extremely important to us. We hope you make many friendships and we expect that you'll have hours and hours of fun in our chat rooms. We've got the friendliest CMs running a massive variety of chat games, couple this with community based ideas like a public notice board, constantly rotating with shout out status updates and the My Neighbours Location Finder we're sure you'll love your time here.

At Bingo Giving we offer free bingo with free chat! BingoGiving offers loads of ways of getting in touch with friends, new and old. We really are the most friendly, generous site out there!

How To Play

If you are a newbie bingo player then you really couldn't be in a better place. Bingo Giving is stacked chockablock with superb bingo games and exciting extras too!
The most difficult choice you'll face as a new player is to choose which game to play, from a deliciously diverse range of games. They come in many different flavours: 75 ball, 90 ball, progressive jackpots, weekly games, pre-pay games, scratchcards, instant flutter games and much, much more. Check out a couple of them to see which one takes your fancy. With so much choice (and with all the pretty colours) you'll be like a kid in a Bingo Giving sweet shop, marveling at the games and meeting new friends.
Start by purchasing your first bingo tickets in your chosen game room. This is a piece of cake and Bingo Giving makes it sooooo easy − just select a strip of cards (you can max−buy all 6) or click on an individual bingo card. To choose new cards that are different to those offered on screen, select the 'Get New Cards' option.
Once you have your bingo cards and the timer is counting down the minutes before the game begins (excitement is building!) just sit back to watch the auto−dauber mark off your numbers as they're called. As the game continues enjoy a little chat or play an instant game. Maybe you even fancy catching up on last night's Weakest Link. As you can tell, Bingo Giving does all the work for you! Look out for other snazzy functions like the automatic reminders: 3TG, 2TG, 1TG (one to go − only one more number needed to win the game) that appears automatically. We will also inform you that you are a winner if you match all your numbers. So enjoy a stress free online bingo experience courtesy of Bingo Giving!


The beauty of enjoying our bingo games with your pals at Bingo Giving is that playing bingo with us is as easy as making a quick brew! We luurve all our players so much that we want you all to relax and have fun, so we have laid out some pretty minimal rules. One of the main Bingo Giving rules is that players MUST HAVE FUN! HA! Seriously though, players can only have one account. We know that all our fans love us so much that it might be tempting to keep joining but it's simply not allowed. Any players found with multiple accounts will therefore have these accounts closed.

All Bingo Giving buddies must be 18 years or older. Although we have a strict minimum age policy, the Bingo Giving gang don't have a maximum so anyone from 18 up, can feel free to join in all the Bingo Giving fun! Players at the Bingo Giving site must also make sure that they are legally allowed to play online bingo games in their country of residence. A full list of countries and full details of our other bingo rules, including chatting rules etc, can visit our Terms and Conditions section. We also have a handy FAQ section that's really useful if you are still unsure of things and a support page too. Remember that Bingo Giving players must ensure that they use their own payment card to fund their account.


Firstly, let us say hello (wave) and welcome (head bow) to all our new Bingo Giving fans. This is where you can find details of how to register and subsequently play at Bingo Giving. You will be pleased to learn that there aren't too many hoops for our new bingo buddies to jump through before you can start playing your favourite game. In fact, joining is soooo easy, your sleeping cat could do it!
Firstly click on the register now section. This will provide you with a really easy online form to complete. Luckily, we don't want a sample of your DNA or fingerprints, just the usual: name, address, email address, date of birth, telephone number etc. Over 18's only − soz to all eager youngsters!
Once you have taken the leap to join the Bingo Giving site you will need to create an Alias name (anything you fancy, everyone will know you as this so have a little think before you choose) and password (always keep this safe, don't pass it out to strangers at Tesco). Next you will need to register a payment method and set your deposit limit. This will open the doors to all the Bingo Giving entertainment and best of all our welcome package (let's not go into it too much but it's 48 hours of free bingo, &20 free play and a free spin on Spin The Wheel). Click here for full details of our Welcome Package.


Though we have tons of exciting free bingo and free chat, to be able to enjoy all the extras at Bingo Giving, you will want to make a deposit (which entitles you to our first deposit 200% bonus and a free spin on Spin The Wheel where you can win an extra bonus between &10 and a whopping &2,500 guaranteed!). This is simplicity itself and can be done by clicking here. Bingo Giving welcomes a wide variety of banking cards and there are various methods of making deposits. Choose the one that best suits you. Once you've confirmed your bank details, you need to select your preferred deposit amount. For added security (all details are securely protected by various softwares) we ask you to enter your card verification code each time you make a deposit. Then you will almost immediately be ready to rock n' roll at our wonderful Bingo Giving site, with countless games sections like bingo, instant games, scratchcards and much, much more at your fingertips!
Please don't worry about registering and depositing at Bingo Giving. All of your private info is secure and safe. Only authorized personnel have access to your private and personals. We don't like the thought of our family of players having their privates interfered with when they play at the Bingo Giving site, so we make sure that we protect them really well!


Free bingo is mountains of fun, but buying tickets can make a mountain into a bingo Everest! When you log into one of our bingo games you will see a row of blank bingo tickets with a 'buy selected tickets' button. By clicking on that button you can choose how many tickets you want (maximum 96 depending on the game) or you can click 'get new tickets' if you don't fancy the ones you see. To select all 6 tickets click 'click to select strip' and the purchased tickets will be highlighted on the screen.
You can also pre−buy your bingo tickets using the "autobuy" button on the bottom left of your Bingo Screen. This is a great way to organize your upcoming bingo time as your ordered tickets are arranged in advance. When you click on autobuy a pop up box appears. Simply click on the games, one by one, that you wish to buy bingo tickets for, and buy as many tickets as you wish. So you can go ahead and make that cup of tea, chat way with pals or play instant games without worrying about buying tickets for each game, everything is sorted for you!

Chat and Bingo Lingo

Not that we're 15 year old school kids talking secretly behind our teachers backs anymore, but we need to acknowledge that the online bingo community has its own little language used to shorten or abbreviate commonly used chat room phrases. Let's say you think something is pretty funny then you'd say 'LOL' which means 'laugh out loud'. If you find something really really funny you might try 'ROFL' which means 'rolling on floor laughing'. Catching on? Look here for current bingo lingo and even new Bingo Giving lingo − maybe some of our new bingo lingo words will make it into the Oxford dictionary!
Most of the acronyms are pretty easy to understand but there are the odd ones that even get the Bingo Giving team reaching for the translator − so don't be shy have a try!
1TG − one To Go (one number left for a possible bingo win)
2TG − two To Go (two numbers left for a possible bingo win)
A/S/L − This asks the question 'Age/Sex/Location?'
BF − Boyfriend
BFF − Best friend forever
BLNT − Better Luck Next Time
BOGOF − Buy One Get One Free
BRB − Be Right Back
BTW − By The Way
CYA − See You (ya)
CYAL8R − See You later
FAQ − Frequently Asked Questions
GF − Girlfriend
GL − Good luck
GL2U − Good Luck To You
GLA − Good Luck All
GL2A − Good Luck to All
GM − Good Morning
GMA − Good Morning All
GN − Good Night
GNA − Good Night All
KIT − Keep In Touch
L8R − Later
LOL − Laughing Out Loud
LMAO − Laughing My A*@$ Off
NBF − New Best Friend
OMG − Oh My God!
PM − Private Message
ROFLPMSL − Roll On Floor P*@ing Myself Laughing
ROFLMAO − Roll On Floor Laughing My A*@$ Off
SRY - Sorry
SS − So Sorry
TC − Take Care
TTFN − Ta Ta For Now
TY − Thank You
TYVM − Thank You Very Much
WD − Well Done
WDW − Well Done Winner
WTG − Way To Go
YW − You're Welcome
YVW − You're Very Welcome

This not a full list of bingo lingo terms but it is certainly a useful directory of all those frequently used in the Bingo Giving chat rooms. With 'text' speak becoming quite common there are also a whole lot of new ones being found in the chat rooms, so don't despair if you can't find one listed. If you are curious just ask the roomie, because all the Bingo Giving gang are a friendly bunch they will always be pleased to explain what they mean to a new player. Most importantly have fun in the chat room − that is after all what Bingo Giving is all about.

The Lobby

Just like a clotted cream lover dieting in Devon, our Lobby is too tempting to avoid. Much like strolling down the aisle in Tesco's choosing what you fancy for dinner, you can take a gander over our choice of games in much the same way. Pick your poison, from 75 ball or 90 ball to pre−pay games and instant games from the lobby. Click on the PLAY NOW blue stircle at the top of any page to find our lovely looking lobby. You will find tabs titled Free Bingo or Instants to click on and explore.

Joining The Site

If you're reading this it means you are on your way to playing bingo right now with the bestest and friendliest online bingo gang − Bingo Giving! Welcome, welcome, welcome to our 1−2−3 guide to joining Bingo Giving. Follow our simple steps in order to play bingo for fun and to start depositing, right now. Of all the free online bingo sites, Bingo Giving is the best place for amazing bingo jackpots and fun filled chat rooms.
Like all other bingo sites, we will need your basic details. As explained in the Edit Profile Details page, all personal and credit card details are totally secure and protected. To join Bingo Giving you must complete this section to register with us. It's quick, simple and totally safe.
As you can see there are sections for your personal details, address, contact details and other bits and bobs. Once you hit submit details (at the bottom) you will be an official Bingo Giving member of the best bingo site online. This will take you directly to the My Giving Page. From here, it's a simple press of the PLAY button that will get you directly to our exciting gaming lobby (where you can see all our bingo offers and games). Soon the lobby will become your second home.
To get to the lobby you now have to choose option 1 or option 2 from the coloured circles at the top...
1. Click play now if you received the 48 hours of free bingo with the chance to win real cash prizes gift that players receive from simply registering and start playing bingo for money.
2. Or, you can fund your account by clicking on deposit now and receive a 200% bonus on your first deposit (i.e. for putting 10GBP we will GIVE you 30GBP as a first deposit bonus). You'll also be entitled to spin the Giving Wheel for free where you can grab an extra bonus between £10 and a whopping £2,500 guaranteed! In total you'll have a minimum of forty quid to play bingo with, including the £10 GTD minimum from Spin The Wheel!

Help and Support

You may find that you need a little help getting your bingo wings (we're not being mean we promise) off the ground so you should know that there is a little team of people ready and able to answer your burning questions.
Simply email with your real name and Alias name detailing what problem you're experiencing and someone will get back to you asap.

Play Now!