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How does it works?

Bingo Giving is a new breed of bingo site! We are very generous to our players, but we know many sites are. Where we differ is how generous we are to people who are not members of Bingo Giving. We give to charity with each and every bingo jackpot on our site. Fear not, your jackpot won't be any smaller − we reach into our own pockets, not yours, and give to people less fortunate that our beloved Bingo Giving members.

Your Charity this month

Aaron’s Battle

In August 2016, at just 28 years old, Aaron was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue and bone cancer. He was misdiagnosed repeatedly and by the time the cancer was detected behind his left cheek it had sadly already spread throughout his body.

He underwent one of the harshest chemotherapy regimes that exists, alongside months of radiotherapy. Although the chemotherapy is working to keep the cancer stable at the moment but it makes his body very weak and he can't carry on like this for much longer. This treatment isn't a long term solution for him.

His only chance at long term survival is a treatment called immunotherapy that is not yet available on the NHS. Immunotherapy has proven to be very promising for Aaron’s type of cancer and we hope he can find success with this treatment, paving the way for others to obtain it in the UK in the future. Unfortunately this treatment is very costly and must be obtained privately.

At Bingo Giving, we give to charity with every bingo game. The more you play with us, the more we donate to Action for Children. If you would like to nominate a charity, send an email to or drop us a Facebook message!

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Bingo Giving’s Charity of the Month is refreshed every month.
  • Charitable donations are sent every quarter.
  • Total donation for each charity is derived from 0.005% of all real bingo wagers during the given period.
  • Bingo Giving's General T&C's apply